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Adelaide this is Melbourne


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Hi all,
We have recently received a job offer in Adelaide.  Now just a bit of background:
We have been living in Melbourne for about three years now, and we came across on a 457 visa and have submitted our PR application sometime ago.
So hopefully will have the PR approved soon and things like this job offer will become something we would have to consider.
The company that is offering me this new position is aware of my current visa situation.

I am interested in the job as it is a promotion and a increase in income.
But we are a family of 4 with one of our kids in school and the other in prep.  My wife has built a good network of people around her.
And life is ok...  Still a little difficult with cash flow sometimes and having to rebuilt friendships....

But, not being to Adelaide or knowing that much bout it I was just wondering what people's experiences of the city / life style is like and whether,
we should even consider uprooting the family to relocate just for a better job.

We do have some acquaintances who have moved from Adelaide to Melbourne. And they both love Adelaide and would move back given the first opportunity...

So we would love to hear what your experiences and thought are on Adelaide vs Melbourne.  In relation to lifestyle, cost of living and overall family life....

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I have not been there myself, but what I've heard from other people is that Adelaide is a bit more relaxed than Melbourne and feels smaller and quieter.

I'm curious to see what people reply here.

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We've been to Adelaide twice for holiday and loved it, we always said we would live there anytime. ?

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Thank you for your response. 

Yes I have been told that by the few people I have chatted with. 


Oosie what did you like about it specifically. 


 I was hoping that I would have a phew more responses in relation to the differences between the two cities and overall experience when it comes to lifestyle for a family. 

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Hope you are well.  I am interested to find out if you did make the move to Adelaide?


and if so, would you mind commenting on the weather differences between Melbourne and Adelaide?


Any additional Adelaide information will be appreciated. We are currently in Melbourne and exploring where in Australia we want to go next.  We do not like the Melbourne weather at all and from what I understand from our friends that stay in Brisbane, the weather can sometimes be too much to handle.


Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards Rene

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