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Hi all,

after applying for a s136 in september last year, we received notice last week that we have been accepted.

I suppose now it is all about the reality of moving across, rather than a "lets wait and see if we get accepted"

We are from Jo'burg and have two daughters aged 5 and 7.

The big question is "what's it like"

We have family in Sydney, and so we will be moving there, but my wife is from a big, happy family (7 kids) - and so she is sad to be leaving all of that behind.

A few questions that I have:

- where are the good schools in the northern suburbs (north bridge to st.ives)

- how do you go about getting a drivers license, and can you buy a car without an australian license

Other than that, we will be coming across for our final pre-trip in September, and are looking forward to that



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Hi Sebastian,

Congratulations on your acceptance into Aus!!

Information on Sydney schools here and here and here.

There is lots of information under the Schools and Education section here.

Drivers licence information can be obtained here and here and here.

The Search option at the top right side of the SAAus Home Page is beneficial to find information. If you can't find what you are looking for, please ask.


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