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2 months in and not looking back


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Ok so we have just crossed the 2 months in mark and wow what an amazing ride. Tough but amazing, humbling and breath taking. This places amazes me more and more everyday. 

I was one of those clinging on to material things and false comforts in South Africa and continuously questioning the move. I always felt the urge to move but was always  looking for reasons not to and then bang I sort of got forced to make the decision and let me tell anyone questioning it.....just do it. I'll fetch you at the airport. The comfortable position that you think you have in South Africa can change over night. Taking the leap is the most liberating, humbling and amazing ride you can go on. We are poorer materially but it feels like we got a life upgrade. Working hours are long but weekends are like an overseas holiday every single week. Gone are the days of feeling anxious and afraid, worrying about politics and the future. We are now properly settled after getting an apartment, furnishing it and buying a car and now we start building our new life. 



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How fantastic @Theunis

The doubt is a continuous voice in my head. It must be so liberating to let go of the material for true meaningful contentment. Thanks for the share.

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@Theunis congratulations, I am so happy for you that you are happy and that you are settling well!


Whenever I read a post like this, I just want to give them a huge :hug:hug! Perseverance is the word that comes to mind... it sometimes takes quite a while to settle, but you will get there! I have lived in NZ and Australia for the past nearly 23 years, and there is nowhere else on earth, that I would rather be!

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