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Where to Stay when you land


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Hi All,


so we are submitting our 189 next week, and started talking about where to stay. how possible is it to secure a rental from SA, before leaving.

Are 3/6/12month rentals a thing. we fear we may just take the first place we see, and then get there and it's a hole.

How did you handle this? what sites/agents etc. did you use. we are hoping to find something in Joondalup, Kinross, areas.



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I've mentioned it a few times before because it made our lives that much easier... So here I go again :P


As far as accommodation goes, I would highly recommend using somebody like http://www.perthfurnishedrentals.com/  for those first 8 weeks or so... It's far more comfortable than staying in a hotel room, and takes a bit of the pressure off in terms of having to find something more permanent... Although the rental market is so flat in Perth at the moment that you should have no problem finding something for the long-term stay.


PS. We happened to stay in one of the units in Glendalough when we arrived. Was a 2min walk to the station (6 minute ride into the city from there). It's walking distance to a dozen car dealerships should you be looking for a car...


Good luck mate!

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Montage we recently moved over from Melbourne to Perth and found it very easy to secure rental. The real estate market in Perth is dead so if I was you I would have a good look around and take your time and alot of properties are vacant and some even offering 1 - 2 weeks rent free. We stay in Canning Vale and were able to get a 3 month lease only. This was a private rents though and not done through an agency.


I would not recommend securing a place prior to coming. What you see online is not necessarily a true reflection. Also you cant look at the whole area. Rather see if you can book air bnb alternatively they have fully furnished apartments in the CBD for around $450 a week, which is roughly what you would pay for rent anyway. You can stay there until you secure a rental.


Hope this helps. All the best ?

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We were lucky thar our sponsoring employer provided a serviced apartment for us for the 1st month.  We had enough time to find a rental during that time.  I'd really suggest staying in a cabin in a caravan park (or somewhere cheap & short term) for the first week or so and try get a rental from here.  It is very difficult to find a rental if you're still in South Africa. Also, you might sign a 12 month lease and when you get here, realise it is a dump (yes, photos are not always a true reflection of a property - it is very different when you see it in person) or it may be in an area you don't want to be.  You'll then have to get out of the lease which could have financial implications if they can't find another person to rent it right away.  Don't commit to anything long term without seeing it in person first (or have friends family go check it out for you).  The secret is cheap and short term.  Make the big and long term decisions when you're here and could judge for yourself.  

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Hi All,

We are landing Dec 31st in time for a New Year in our new home, Perth! 


We have been very lucky in the fact that friends of ours have offered to put us up until we can find a rental. Obviously it goes without saying we don't want to be in their hair for too long so will be wanting to look for a rental ASAP. This is more to get our 14yo into school, with catchment areas and all that. 


We will have some funds, enough for say 3 months upfront while we wait for the transfer from the sale of our house to go through in Feb 2017. After that we will have a good amount of money, but until then I will be job hunting and using our cash assets to get us through. 


My question is; What are we to expect if we are trying to rent without employment? Obviously if I get a job straight away its first prize, but talking to recruitment agents they all sound like it only really picks up again in Feb.  So without a job or $100k bank balance, what are the chances of actually securing a rental? 

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