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Anyone who has left in the month of October to Aussie




My Name is Sharlene Please can someone answer these questions for me......


Did anyone on the forum leave for Aussie in the month of October and how long did you take to find a job? My husband is in the IT Field.

Just trying to figure out how everything going to work out if we leave in October this year.


Also are their furnished house or apartments ((2bed) in Point Cook Melbourne? What are the rental like for a furnished house 2Bed


thank you





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Hello Sharlene,

                          We left South Africa on the 27th September, so almost into October. Although my husband is not in the IT Field he landed a job within 3 weeks. Things do start to slow down as you near December so I can understand the reason for your question in that companies may be looking at hiring new employees in January rather than in October, having said that there are jobs available, but I cannot give you specific advise in the IT area.


I live in Point Cook and the average rentals here are around 380 Dollars per week, we pay 400. I haven't seen many 2 bedroom houses, they are mainly 3 - 4 bedrooms. There are a few fully furnished houses for rent see the links below:


http://www.rent.com.au/property-house-sanctuary lakes-3030-1601233?utm_source=Mitula&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=Mitula


If you cant find a rental property that is furnished then book an airbnb for a few weeks then immediately start looking for a rental property. There are plenty of properties in this area. People are always selling/giving cheap furniture on the buy swap and sell pages. I am amazed on what people give away. I doubt you will have any problems getting the necessities for a rental. We will be moving in the next few weeks and so I will also be selling my washing machine and fridge and I wont have a problem getting buyers.


If you need any information on the actual area of Point Cook, feel free to send me a personal message. When you visit my page click on the little envelope on the top of the page, do not write on the feed. Alot of people make this mistake and then everyone that logs into the forum can see what you have posted. Alternatively here is my email:emma.yenkanna@hotmail.com


Kind regards



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