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Hi All,

Well, I'll start of by firstly thanking everybody in the forum for all the information. When my wife and I decided to move to Australia it looked to be a daunting task, but all the info has made the move MUCH easier. Suppose then an introduction is due:

Coming over will be me an my wife, we're both late 20's (ok, I'm turning 30 this year, can't say anything about my wife's age <_< ), no kids. We started the process of moving to Australia about 3 months ago when I accepted a position with an Australian company (IT of course). We'll set foot on Australian ground on the 12th June 2007.

We don't have an idea of where we want to rent, so any suggestions would be welcome (some ideas have been Manly or Manly Vale).

En indien enige iemand gewonder het, ons is eintlik Afrikaans sprekend, maar ek is te gewoond daaraan om in Engels te tik :)

We're looking forward to meeting people in and around Sydney!


Wilhelm en Heloise

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Hi Julle!

hang alles af van waar jy werk, maar ek weet daar is heelwat Suid-Afikaners in Manly. As jy in die CBD area werk, sal jy moontlik met die "ferry" moet inry stad toe. Vanogend is Sydney so mistig dat alle ferries gekanselleer is, so dit betekn mense van Manly moet 'n uur en half trein trip na stad toe neem, so hou maar sulke goedjies in gedagte (ferry vat gewoonlik net so onder 'n half-uur)

Anyway, sien uit om julle te ontmoet in Sydney!

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