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Our story so far

Corne and Jacqui

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Our story

Me & Jacqui decided to make the move to Australia during mid 2003 when we went to Australia to visit her sister. We got engaged at the end of 2003 and decided that we would get married first (19 Sept 2004) and then make the move early in 2005.

Back then I was a programmer and I started the immigration process and had my qualification assessed through ACS and was busy getting the 136 application ready when my folks offered us a business opportunity here in SA that we just couldn’t turn down. The Australian plan fell by the wayside and just before we got married I started the new job.

Things worked out really well for us since then, financially, socially and all our dreams pretty much came true in all aspects I can think of. I remember her sister and her husband coming to SA for a visit and I tried to convince them to move back here. I honestly believed things were getting better here (must’ve been late 2005).

Early 2006 we started noticing an upsurge in crime in our area and in Jhb in general and it got steadily worse towards the end of last year. On the 6th of June last year we had a little baby girl and we started discussing the possibility of giving everything up here and starting the immigration process again.

In January Jacqui was involved in an attempted hijacking at the gate of our house and that was the last straw. We decided to start and submitted Jacqui’s teaching assessment (I don’t qualify anymore since I moved from programming to construction).

Teaching Australia came back to us requesting her to complete IELTS test which she did over the weekend in Botswana so now we’re holding thumbs for a positive outcome so that we can submit our 136 in June.

We’re still not sure when we’ll go since I’ve made a commitment to my folks to complete what we’re busy with in the business which will take another five years or so but at least we’ll be able to go if our circumstances change. We’re excited about our new future but sorry about everything and everyone we’ll be leaving behind.

The one thing we have no doubt about is whether we’re doing the right thing.

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Hi Corne and Jacqui

Welcome to the forum. So sorry to hear about the attempted hi-jacking. Unfortunately this is now becoming a reality. Good luck with your application and I hope your work will be finished sooner. In any case, it is better to be prepared so get those applications in.



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I agree with Rocky. Better to be prepared. It's good to keep your options open. We have only recently decided to leave, and are just starting the whole process. My wife, Jacqui, is also an english teacher. How was the IELTs exam for your wife?

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Not too hard, she did it in Botswana because we could only get 2nd of June here and we need to apply by June because she's not teaching at the moment. (Her experience of 12 months in the last 18 months will not be valid after June)

The main problem was that most of the other applicants was doing it for the 2nd or 3rd time and their english was very good. As a teacher you need to get 7/9 for all categories on the academic test so if you get 6.5 on one and 8.5 on the other 3 you fail...

We're holding thumbs :ilikeit:

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Funny how a persons point of view changes when you have a child - this was also one of the main reasons we made the move. Good luck and hope to see you soon in australia!

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Corne and Jacqui,

Welcome! Just wanted to drop in and say - good luck with all your plans.

Becoming a parent just changed EVERYTHING for us, we are with you on that!

Have patience and it takes a while... but before you know it, things start happening!


A&C B)

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