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New SA Additions to ACT

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@smistry hows the job hunting going? 


We are finally getting settled in Canberra, although struggling to get used to the freezing cold weather. Yup, we are just soft Durbanites :)


Its been a hectic few weeks so that's why I have been scarce.


Wife is working, I am Daddy-Daycaring although would be nice to get myself an evening job or something, even if its packing shelves. Once my daughter starts school which should be soon, I will be free from 10am to 3pm as well as after 7pm. Might do some volunteer work. I did contact the Diabetes ACT and they pretty much ignored my offer to volunteer, so even volunteer work may be tough to find. To be honest, with the cost of living in ACT, maybe volunteering isn't ideal.


Parks here are great. Loving the place. My 5 year old daughter is in her element. And so safe ... what I nice change not to be watching over your shoulder every 5 seconds.


Any recommendations for good GP's in Canberra? I figured it would be good to find a South African doctor living in ACT. Most of the good ones seem to have left SA, so might as well take advantage of the situation :)


What is the Calvary hospital like - anyone had any experiences there? 


Just planning ahead in case of an emergency.


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.





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Hey Wayne,


There is no news to report on my end with regards to the job hunting.


I have gotten temporary accommodation with some Chinese family. I will try to stay as little as possible. I also realized very quickly that not having a car is pretty much going to cripple me. Especially when trying to get interview for jobs and getting to find rental places. So getting a car is important.


Anyone got advise on insurance. My cousin in Brisbane has advised me to look at Budget. They are using it and very happy.


Regards Sanjay

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@smistry 100% about the car.


The job market in ACT doesn't seem very easy. I am pleased I am not needing to get one urgently. Hang in there, I am sure something will come up. Are you looking for good long term employment, or would you settle for something else maybe even not in the IT field just so you can earn some AUD?


If you ever need to get to a lift to a job interview, or house viewing and you are stuck, let me know. If I am available I will be happy to help. Best bet is to txt me.


As far as insurance is concered, we went with CommBank insurance. A bit more expensive, but it was important that we went with someone who was established and had a good name as far as paying out was concerned. We had other comparisons on iSelect, and they came back with better monthly repayments, so will look at one of their recommendations at another time.


Please be careful with buying a car. You don't want to add the stress of a dud, unreliable car to your worries. I would rather get a new Kia Picanta with 7 year/unlimited warranty at $16k than a "better" second hand car only for it to be a dud. Once you are established, you can look at something better.

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