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Making the move


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Hi everyone


I just wanted to say hello :) I am currently looking into temporarily moving to Australia to get some travel experience as well as work experience. I am hoping that my boyfriend will come along with me but am seriously concerned he will not get a visa and i will end up having to go alone. I am a marketing graduate with 3 years of work experience and he is in IT and has 6 years of experience but no degree. Would it be better for me to apply for a 457 Visa and then get him in on mine even though my qualification doesn't fall part of the SOL. I would appreciate any advice and knowledge this is a scary process and to be honest i am finding the whole thing fairly confusing :(. 



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Hi Christie,


I am not a migration agent, so this is just from my reading and experience. I am currently in the process of moving to Melbourne through my company and will be getting a 457 visa. There are a couple of things to note:


1 - you cant apply for a 457 visa with out a sponsorship. That means you need to have secured a job with a company that is an accredited sponsor who is willing to sponsor you before you apply for the visa.

2 - If you manage to find an employer willing to sponsor you, you boyfriend may well be able to join you, provided there is proof of your relationship such as joint bank accounts and proof that you live together.


Good luck

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