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Xero certification


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i have done a little xero work but want to be certified 

Do a lot of business want certification or is just nice to have ?

Contacting xero they said i need 5 clients to sign up for the partner program to get certified which I do not have any clients yet ?

There are also alot of courses offering xero certification online ,does anyone know any reputable ones that will not burn my pocket  ?


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It depends on the job you want to do...  If you want to be independent and do books for other people, then certification is a must. The same applies if you work for a company that does the books of other businesses. 


If you are going to work for a company that uses Xero to do their own books, then the cert isn't much benefit. The company will want to see Xero experience on your CV. They want someone who can say things like, " at my previous job we did xxx with Xero and it worked well for us ". But few companies will turn down a good employee because their experience is with Myob and not Xero.

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