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Do you need or have a PO Box?

Tamara HDU

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Tamara HDU

I have had a PO box for many years.
I had one in Cape Town before moving here. It was useful to have my mail go to a central point and stopped the mailman from nicking important mail (don't ask...different world as you all know.).

Anyway, one of the first things that we did when we moved here was to get a PO Box at the local centre.

Have been thinking about it and it makes so much sense for migrants to get one.
You can get one once you have your drivers licence to use as ID.

How many times do you end up moving in the first couple of years? I started out at a holiday let, moved to a longer term furnished rental and then 3 months later to another house. I have since moved from there, renovated that property and moved another 4 times. All this time I didn't have to worry about chasing mail, redirecting mail, being bothered about forgetting to change some important contact address with rego, tax, Medicare, etc.

Most of the local post offices have PO boxes available. They have them at my local post offices in Port Noarlunga, Noarlunga Centre and Christies Beach.

I think that it's something that people may not think too much about.

From a different angle....I am still getting mail delivered at my rental houses for guests who have vacated years ago. There may be mail from the overseas tax office, bank statements, traffic fines. There are literally hundreds if items a month and I can't track people down. A PO Box would prevent this as no matter how many times you move, you still have a static address for your mail to go to.

Details of the PO Boxes can be found at :


A handy and secure way to receive your mail

With a Post Office Box or private bag, you can keep your mail safe and collect it whenever you want.


  • Keep your mail secure under lock and key
  • Ensure you receive your mail in rural or remote areas by using a private bag
  • Protect your privacy by not revealing your street address
  • Collect your mail whenever you want at participating Post Offices with 24-hour PO Box access*
  • Get incoming mail alerts on your smartphone, tablet or computer with our free Mail2Day notifications service^
  • Keep a consistent postal address, even when you change your street address

How to apply

It's easy to apply for your PO Box or private bag. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Find a Post Office near you that offers Post Office Boxes and private bags
  2. Download an application form(PDF) or pick one up from any Post Office
  3. Lodge your completed form in person at any Post Office, along with proof of identity that shows your name, residential address and signature (this can be your driver's licence or 2 other documents such as a utility bill and bank statement)
  4. Pay your fee when lodging your application - by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or Australia Post charge account

Download application form(PDF)

The cost is $121 a year. You can even have a parcel sent there...they put the key for the parcel box in your PO box so that you can collect it.
If you don't have your key with you the postmaster will get your mail for you (on presentation of id).

Anyone else have one? Any comments?

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2 hours ago, Tamara HDU said:

Anyone else have one? Any comments?


Do have one - not much to add except also less junk mail, conveniently situated on route to work and when on leave you know your post will be ok!

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You can also get the post office to hold your mail if you are away.  You set the dates that you'll be away and when you'll be back.  They deliver everything after the return date.


They also have a redirect service for when you move house.  We used it when we moved from Brisbane to Adelaide.  Had it in place for 12 months to catch any annual renewals etc.

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