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Unusual activity for great fitness


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Hi all,


I thought I'd share an activity I've been involved in for many year in South Africa, but recently got back into in Perth.


Its a great team sport for anyone who enjoys swimming and/or snorkelling.

In Perth  there is hockey almost every evening of the week (at Belmont Waves) and sometimes on Sunday mornings as well.

Check out the Facebook page or contact me:-)



Underwater Hockey WA


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We are an underwater hockey family - well, my husband and sons are, not me :) .

Did you play in the Nationals in Bunbury?

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Hi Leeferg1

No, I played provincial back in SA, but purely social in Oz. I've only been back at hockey about a month now.

I see you are located in Bunbury, apparently there is an Underwater Hockey club down there at the South West Sports Centre (Mondays and Thursdays) but not sure if thats still active.


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Hi Joeemm

Yes, the South West Sports Centre is where we go for our training.

My husband plays for Country Masters and my boys for U15.

Maybe we'll see you at some of the games....I see there are the State Championships coming up in April.

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