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Hi everyone. We are currently living in Abu Dhabi and have started the process of applying to Aus. I am a registered nurse and would like to connect with other RNs about their experience registering with the nursing board in Aus, as it seems there are a lot of other red tape beside just applying for a visa.


Am i correct in saying I have to be registered in UK in order to get the assessment for the visa application? But this has nothing to do with the actual nursing registration?? 

Do I now need two police certificates? One for the nursing registration and one for the visa? Can I ask for a duplicate??


This is all very confusing. Would love to hear from other nurses working in Aus about how they went about getting to Aus to nurse.




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Hi Ilse / others with similar experiences,


We're in a similar position - my wife is a registered nurse and we're in the process of getting our ducks in a row.     I would really like to hear how you went about registering. 


My wife previously worked as RN in Perth for 9 months back in 2008/9 - was registered with NMBWA, so I'm hoping that will help.  From what I've read on ANMAC and NMBA they won't accept SA qualifications as is anymore...


I'd appreciate any feedback.  You can PM or email to karelmalan@gmail.com




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