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Ozzie Girl Now

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Ek wil net sê hello ek is van Durban af en bly tans in Wagga Wagga in NSW :)

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Hi There KNZ,

Welcome to this forum, lots of useful info and sometimes a good laugh reading Jan Stoof's Journalling. We lived in Albury Wodonga for 2 years and very happly moved back to Sydney. Although it is again just another move before we retire to our hobbyfarm. You go where the work is at the time.

Keep in touch, love to meet anyone heading up North for a holiday oneday


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Hallo en welkom

Waar is Wagga Wagga?

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Wagga Wagga (pronounced "wogger wogger" by Australians) is about 350 kms south west of Sydney on the road to Adelaide and Melbourne.

The local folk just call it Wagga ("wogger")

It's along the Murrumbidgee River which flows all year into the great Murray River, and a few more miles further on down the river is a large irrigation district of New South Wales, growing all kinds of fruit and vines, called the "Riverina" district.

It is one of Australia's larger country towns and I find them charming . . . . peaceful and safe, historic and spacious.

Check it out.

There is a regional University there and small airport with flights from Sydney & Melbourne.

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Hi ! KZNAussie, het vir jou 'n "pm" gestuur maar welkom by die forum !

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I grew up in Durban/Pinetown.

Now living happily in Albury for the past 14 months.

I've been to the uni in Wagga twice, pretty town.

We love this part of the world

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