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600 Visit Visa - Agents I need help please



Hi guys,


My outlaws are coming in March. i did the Immi thing for them, but I saw that during the process that I had a main applicant and an accompanying person. I have a number of questions. Please help. Its my goose's outlaws coming to visit and I SO don't want to fluff this! It would break her heart. We been here 5 years with no family come over. 


1: Why did the system ask for the fathers details like passport etc but not the mother?

2: They want assets...her parents lost everything and have no house etc. in terms of assets...

3: They have some savings but in real terms it is peanuts converted to AUD


I try not to ask the agents for help here but I need it now, I would be obliged if you could give me some advice.:rolleyes:B)




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Hi SurferMan

I gave my credit card balance with its limit as an asset last year when I applied for my visitors visa.

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Dear fellow members, 


Wonder if someone could give me some advice on this visa. 

I recently applied for my MIL and FIL.

They have been granted MIL is valid for 3 years, but FIL was Only granted a year. (Both with 3months stay) 

Any reasoning why FIL might only be given a year?

My moms visa was also  valid for 3 years. 


FIL is a sole proprietor of his business, but my SILs parents both own there own businesses were also given a  3 year visa. 


I dont want to question the system but just looking for reasonings as to why the length might vary.?


Thanking you in advance for any responses 



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