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Hi Everyone, 


I am newly pregnant and am busy researching childcare options in both Canberra, ACT and Sydney, NSW as I'm not yet sure where I will be living when baby arrives in September 2016. If all goes according to plan, I will be living in Sydney when I need to return to work in mid January 2017. If things don't go according to plan, I will be returning to work in Canberra in mid January 2017.


I will be a single mother with no family around, and I simply will not be able to afford formal, full time childcare for my baby when I return to work full time, even with the Government rebate! I earn slightly more than the average person in Australia, yet have no idea how other single parents manage financially, especially when there is more than one child!! With the Liberals in power, it looks likely that things are about to get a LOT worse for low income families, so I'm bracing myself for a white-knuckle ride. 


Are there any other single mums/dads, or stay at home mums/dads on this forum who may be prepared to informally care for my infant for a reasonable fee? I want to start connecting with other parents from South Africa who may be in a similar predicament with a view to perhaps working together and building a bit of an informal army of helpers.  

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