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PR190 state restrictions




My brother has just recently received his PR190, and although he had applied for WA, it didn't specifically mention WA. I'm guessing it's all on the system, so if he wanted to go to another state, they would pick that up? How strict are they when it comes to somebody having a state sponsored visa deciding to go live in another state within the required 2 year period?


Thank you.

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This has come up on the forum quite often. The quickest answer is:


If you can prove that you have done whatever you could to try and stay in the sponsoring state, but that you have been unable to get a job, then you can apply to your sponsoring state to release you and you would be allowed to move elsewhere.


Remember please that it is not a case of I have been offered a better job, or I prefer the weather there, or my brother/sister/best friend lives there, and the onus would be on you to prove that you have actually attempted to settle in your sponsoring state.


There have been quite a few that have been released that we know of on the forum.

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What @Mara said, and...
You will have to follow the legal process to be released. You can't just move and worry about it later.

Also, if you want to check up on the info that they have on their system regarding a particular visa you can use the myVEVO app for smartphones, or I think you can log in on their website. But the Aussie systems are well run and maintained, no 'falling through the cracks' like one might be able to do in RSA.

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