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Documents for skill assess problem



Hi all


There might be a problem :unsure: The one company that my husband worked for might not be in our reach.Stuggle to get numbers for them. Then the other place the person who my Husband work for doesnt work there anymore.


what now?

Can someone in HR give us a letter because my hubby do have  payslips of all the places he worked for.He filed them all these years.


We are busy to get all docs..

Monday Home affairs thats going to be fun lol..... 


Then something els.Do i also need proof of education and work reffz? Becauze im just tagging along lol.... 


And what is the hardest docs to find for the proses.Feels like im missing something.




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Hi Salome,


I don't know which skills your husband is applying under but I can speak from the IT side, some of my previous managers no longer worked for the respective company so I could not get a reference from them on a company letter head, what I did was the following :


1. Got a letter of employment from the HR department stating the period I was employed - this was on a company letter head.

2. I then got my previous managers to complete a signed affidavit stating that I worked for them for the specific period, what my position was and what tasks I performed etc - the more detail the better.


Hope this helps,




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Hai GrandTash,

My husband is an General Electrician.


Thanks it makes me feel beter now.. So so so so so stressfull... 


My husband just have to keep on trying and maybe he will get a hold of them..

3 work places doesnt look like alot bud try to get something out of them.. lol There is the fun part of it all... Crazy... 



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I had a similar problem where a company I once worked for had closed down. I managed to get hold of the ex boss and asked him to sign a declaration that I was employed full time and what my responsibilities were. I was very thankful for what he did and I just got the signed document (had to also be signed by commissioner of oaths) couriered up to me.


I had a IRP5 for when I worked at the company so I will be submitted that through as well. 


I am hoping that they will accept it.

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