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Leaving in July


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Hi all.

My name is Sandi.

My husband has been offered a job transfer with his company and we will be based in the Melbourne area.

We have a 3 1/2 year old Son and I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with our Daughter who will be born on 5th July.

It's all happening pretty quickly. My husband was over there a couple of months ago when his boss recommended the transfer. Nothing has really happened until this week where suddenly they want things to happen at lightening speed.

We're SUPER excited as this is a wonderful opportunity for us!

Am nervous as anything though & hoping you guys can help ease these nerves & put my mind at rest that life really is WONDERFUL over there...

Look forward to getting to know everyone.

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Hi there Sandi

A BIG welcome to this superb website and the various forums - It's great to have you "on board".

I'll start by saying you and your family are in a fantastic position where your husband has a guaranteed position in Aussie. This is a big win, especially around the stability this creates for you all and the fact that you are close to expecting your 2nd child.

My family and I are also moving to Melbourne in Jan 2008 and we have visited this great city on 2 occasions and loved it, it's cosmopolitan, with diverse cutures and a very liveable city.

Yes - the weather can be less predictable than the other Aussie cities. We live in Cape Town and experienced similar weather, just a bit colder in winter.

Maybe it's best that things are now happening really fast for you guys as then you can put your heads down and get there without too much deliberation.

Based on your email I assume you personally are not doing a LSD (Look See Decide) trip but then re your husbands job offer you are probably taking his impressions of Melbourne.

There is a fantastic lady called Mara who posts regularly to this website and has been in Melbourne for a while. She has a superb knowledge of all about and around this city and its surrounds and has answered most of the questions for all of us who are moving to Melbourne.

You can send Mara a message via her PM facility.

send any more questions you have and they will be well answered by all on this site

best of luck



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Thank you so much for your reply Gee!

My only concern at this stage is how the whole visa thing will work with baby arriving so soon! I'm sure I read somewhere that baby would automatically be included in the visa but am searching as to where I saw that information.

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Hi Sandi,

Welcome to the board, congrats on the job offer AND the baby.

We (me, hubby, son 6yr, daughter 2yrs, daughter 9 months) are also going to Melbourne in July/August on a 457 visa. There are a couple of very nice people on their way to Melbourne in the near future so please keep in touch.

Good luck with the final things and hope to see you soon in Melbourne.

PS: You are welcome to PM me with your contact details so that we can get together sometime (either here or in Melbourne :ilikeit: )



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Hi Sandi,

Welcome to the site. Yes as Michele mentioned we are a couple of couples with young kids on our way to Mel. We are having a little private get to gether soon and if you are interested you can PM me and I will tel you more.

I also have two kids, 19 months and 7 weeks. We are relocating mid Aug, hubbie to start work 1st of September.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!!

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Hi Sandi, and thank you Gee for the wonderful reference. I am here should you have any questions that I can answer for you! There are quite a number of young mothers in Melbourne, I am sure you will be made most welcome when you arrive!


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HI Sandi

I'm about to be a new mother too (due 22 June) - so give me a shout when you get here as I'd love to get together.

All the best of luck with the move etc


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