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Visual Art Teacher - Trying not to Panic :)


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Hi Everyone,

So the wife, 2 kids and I are arriving in Brisbane on 30 December and are of course hugely excited....but obviously we're a little worried as well.

I am a High School Visual Art Teacher (Provisionally Registered with QCT) and I've also been Head of Sport. But it seems like there really aren't many art jobs around, if any at all!!! I've also taught English (TEFL) in Taiwan for a year (after varsity) and I'm now beginning to think that it may be the way forward to teach English at that level....

My wife is also a Primary school teacher and is currently in the process of Teacher Regisration with QCT.

Should we relax and wait to apply for jobs actively once we're in Brisbane, or is there cause for concern?

Eish! Any advice will be greatly appreciated.... :grads:


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There might be a bit of cause for concern because the main round of vacancies are advertised during the third term of the year wit interviews taking place in the 4th term. There will be some vacancies in say mid January as principals and admin staff head back to work and start the final job of filling any gaps in teaching staff.

Primary School will be difficult as Australia is overrun with unemployed primary teachers and also the reason why it is no longer on the skills list.

You will need to start hustling with finding contacts. Have a look at this video I put up about finding contacts on LinkedIn (the second video). It is your best bet for finding where your student friends ended up and perhaps there are some already in Brisbane who can help.

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That's good advice about connecting with old friends. Look at it from an Australian's point of view. They generally love South Africans. But on the other hand, they get candidates from countries like Korea and India where the work culture/ethics are very different.

So, they will need an excuse to hire you. They cant just say, "we hired him because he is South African". So a recommendation from a local friend is just the the excuse they are looking for.

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