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Get connected - Family moving from CT - Adelaide end Jan 2015


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Hi All,

Im so glad i stumbled upon this blog. We are moving to Adelaide end of Jan 2016 along with my 3 y/o son, Aussie Husband (Adelanian), 7y/o Ridgeback and my 13 y/o daughter will follow in June. We are already in the process of clearing our house and attending to admin. Very exciting as my Husband has been in Cape town for 10 yrs this year. We have a surf adventure school too if any of you are still in CT for summer until end of Jan, please check www.wetdreamsurfing.co.za

Please get in touch, its great knowing that there are others in the same transitional phase in the their lives. We will be based in the Adelaide Hills for a year then moving onto Melbourne (well thats the plan anyway!). Share any tips you may have, frustrations, quick wins and il do the same!

Cheers to a new adventure! :ilikeit:


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Hi fellow Capetonian, welcome to the forum. Our Permanent residency visa expires on 20 Dec so we have decided to take the plunge and give it a try- not sure why though.....we are giving so much up here and we are getting a bit long in the tooth.....

We are heading towards Gold coast. We still haven't booked anything and departure is in 7-8 weeks - no accom, no flights, no schools, no shipping company- I think we are in denial.

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Hi Althea

We are also moving to Adelaide, we leave Cape Town on 9 December 2015.

We will also be based in the Hills.

So excited about our move down under. Busy chucking and sorting our goods....quite a job!

Good luck with all your preparations.


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Hi Enid!

Thanks for the reply. Thats great to hear! Yes, i underestimated the time it would take to clear out a 2 bedroom house and a garage :D

Good luck and hope to make contact in the Hills one day.


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Geeez .... this was me Four years ago ... ulk. Left Cape Town for Adelaide in January 2012 and now we are looking forward to applying for Citizenship in two months time.

We moved to Brisbane a short time after arriving in Adelaide and could not be happier to be in Australia ....

Was the best thing we have done


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OMG Craig how time has flown!

You must have the cotizenship by now...congraulations! I bumped into Ed a couple of weeks ago (kids were at little athletics.) He asked how you were.

We were in Brisbane last month and are going to take the grandkids to the Goldcoast in September this year.

Great to hear that you are well settled.

Best move that we made as well. It's 9 years for us in April!

You take care of yourselves.

All the best.


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