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Melbourne - help with suburbs close to CBD


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Hi all

My wife and I are moving to Melbourne in 2 weeks.

We will be staying in a rental in the CBD for the first month and looking for a place thereafter.

Please can I ask for recommendations on good suburbs to rent a 1 or 2 bed apartment. Its just us two with no kids.

Our preference would be a max 30 minute commute to the CBD as I will be working late hours.

We were looking at spending about $500 per week.

If possible we would like something a bit away from the city hussle and bustle (i.e. not hearing hooters and traffic) but not too quiet - no crickets in the background (hope that makes sense!)

I have read up on the site and other sources and it seems Richmond, South Yarra, Hawthorn and St Kilda may be potential options.

Would be great to get any guidance.

Thanks in advance for the help :)

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Melbourne people bash it, but it sounds like docklands might be what you're looking for. It's close to the city, is quiet but doesn't have much night life or cafe culture (which is a short tram ride away too if you want it). Because the area is massively oversupplied with apartments, it's relatively cheap for what you get.

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We used to live in Elsternwick.

A great place to start out - a busy suburb. Lots of cafes and restaurants, nice suburbs (I could comfortably walk to the ATM at night time). Close to the bay.

It is quite built up (but most inner suburbs are) but you do hear crickets (although you will probably hear traffic too) and there are some nice parks and tree lines streets.

Good train line that goes out to Sandringham (you might look at other stops along that line) and other public transport to the CBD.

I worked in South Yarra (very trendy) for a while and found it very busy and the times I drove there it seemed to be a grid lock traffic jam. I liked St Kilda (relaxed, friendly - lot of young people passing through in their travels) and Elwood is also another option to add to your list.

Now in Sunbury and the commute out here takes about 45 mins from the CBD. I occasionally get a train back at 10-11pm on my own with no worries. Crickets and parrots abound here but maybe it is a bit far out.

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I had some fun and games with the suburbs you mentioned, except St Kilda, added Moonee Ponds and Essendon. This was on www.realestate.com.au these were the results I got, way to many to choose from, so enjoy going through them, you know what you would like.


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Can someone maybe explain the appeal of St Kilda?

I've been there a few times and I understand the whole restaurant scene etc, but I find the place to be so run down and full of druggies/crazies. I would definitely not want to live there - to a certain extent, South Yarra and Richmond (especially along victoria road!) are not really where I'd like to live for similar reasons, yet lots of Melbourne people rave about these areas?

Moonee Ponds is nice... very quaint and suburbany. I cycle through the area quite often.

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Hi Snakey,

It really depends on what your budget is or what you are happy to spend. My preference is for the inner east Hawthorn, Camberwell, Kew, Balwyn, Surrey Hills but they are the blue chip suburbs and don't come cheap. I should also mention that these are your more family/professional/retiree areas so if you're after a busy night life then you'll probably be disappointed but if you want greenery, parks and mums pushing prams with lattes then you're set ;)

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Thanks all

Really great tips and advice.

We have lived in landlocked countries all our life and the appeal of a city with water all over means we will probably try and get something close to the water if we can afford it!.

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