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anldu - in Queensland!


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Hi everyone.

My name's Paul (aka anldu - "a new life down under").

I've joined this forum because I feel I may have something to offer. Gill (pronounced Jill) and I settled in Queensland, just north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast. We've been here a couple of years now and although we didn't migrate from SA, and we're not SA, perhaps our experiences can help those looking to come here. We migrated from Wales.

It was about a week or so ago that I came upon this forum and noticed someone trying to get some information about schools on the Sunshine Coast. Part of my work revolves around two websites - one is called Koala Konnection (http://www.koalakonnection.com.au) and the other is a relatively new forum like this - but certainly not as large! - called A New Life Down Under (http://www.anewlifedownunder.com). If any of you would like to use either of these sites you are more than welcome.

It was the schooling question that really got me on to this forum because we have just completed a guide to the schools on the Sunshine Coast - available through the Koala Konnection web site.

Anyway, if I can be of service to any folks on this site I'll certainly do my best.

Until next time.


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Hey anldu,

Great name, for a start! thanks for putting your hand up and offering to help out, even though you're from other parts. Looking forward to seeing you around!



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Thanks Ajay.

Such is life that I can't promise to spend all my hours surveying this or any other board but if anyone wants to get in touch directly they can through the Koala Konnection email - this is active most of the day.

With regard to the name, I wasn't too sure if anldu meant something other than what I take it to mean. Well, you never know?!? Took a gamble and so far no complaints, just one compliment! :holy:

Be seeing you around.

anldu (aka Paul!)

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Hi there Paul

I think it was my question re schools on the Sunshine Coast that might have encouraged your involvement. I am more than delighted and am about to visit the site mentioned. Thanks!

Soanldu (Scared of a new life down under) aka Lianne

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