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Hi there fellow forumites

The 100 point check-list states we should introduce ourselves once we've registered, and not just lurk...OK I've done a fair amount of lurking on this website (such a great resource, with so many informative threads and opinions), but on Friday we officially started the process, so here's our introduction:

We made the decision mid-June to to immigrate to Australia. We have 2 and a half year old twins, and we have come to the very depressing realisation that there is no future for them in this country. SA is not the same country we grew up in, and things are just getting worse by the day. Load shedding and possibility of water-shedding looming has just cemented our decision. That, and the fact that every week you hear of someone who is a victim of violent crime. How can we as parents rationalise keeping our kids here, when the writing is on the proverbial wall. :(

Hubby is a qualified Air conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic- on the SOL yay- so we are ideally hoping for a 189, 190 or 489 visa (plan A,B and C). First prize would be a 189 visa as it would be great to move to Brisbane as we know people there; but if push comes to shove and we have to go the state sponsored route, then we will go wherever they will have us... even if its the outback for 2 years...lol

We decided to start with the English tests- poor hubby has a bit of a stutter, which is made a lot worse when under pressure... and I have realised that the English tests are quite daunting. He did his first English test through Pearson on the 8th July, and unfortunately missed the required score on Speaking, so he is doing it again on Wed this week- 29th July. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that he may have to do the test several times to get the required score, and we are 100% committed to doing it. I wish I could help him in some way as all the pressure is on him; but unfortunately my skills count for nothing on our application, and the best I can do is research and support him in every step. At least with Pearson you get an appointment quickly, and you get the results quickly.

On Friday we paid our initial fee to Migrate2Oz- Reuven has been really amazing so far, and has given us a lot of advice prior to us signing up.

We are getting the ball rolling now because I believe there is a lot of work that goes into applying to have your skills assessed. We have been told the next trade test is in November in Cape Town, and he will need to have submitted all his docs to Vetassess at least 6-8 weeks before to see if he can get in on that date.

Our other issue is that he turns 33 in January, and we can't really afford to lose 5 points for his age, so we need to (hopefully) get the invite prior to Jan 2016. Otherwise, it'll have to be plan C... 489 visa

My family is very open and supportive to the idea of us emigrating from SA, but we have decided to not tell Hubby's family just yet. Our kids are the only grand-kids in the family, and I think it'll kill my mother-in-law to know we are leaving. We feel a bit guilty about keeping it from them, but not sure if it will hurt them more to tell them further down the line, or if it better to give them more time to process it. We may tell them in a few weeks time- hubby feels too bad lying by omission. I think their brains will tell them its a good idea for us to go, but my Mom-in-law suffers from severe depression, and I think this will break her heart

Nobody said this process would be easy. Some people call the people who leave SA cowards for running away; but I have also come to realise that doing something like this- leaving your family, friends, jobs, support network and country- is one of the scariest things we will ever have to face. Bit it is selfish, because you have to choose your own family unit over extended family

My husband and I have lived in the UK for 2 years before we got married, and I am sure that we will be fine- we know what its like to start from scratch, and to "slum it" until you get back on your feet. It is a lot scarier doing it with kids though, but at least they are still small and will adjust accordingly

I hope that one day in the not-to-distant-future, we will be sitting in Oz reminiscing about what it took to get us there, and how it was the best decision we ever made

With a bit of luck, a lot of work and faith... it'll all be worth it in the end :holy:

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Welcome. I am glad you posting now. We love to be part of people's journeys when they share.

I cant beleive that stuttering caused him to fail. That seems so unfair. Surely they are testing his ability to speak English and not his impairment. I wish you all the best for your journey.

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Welcome to the forum and good luck with the process.

With regards to telling the family...this is obviously my personal opinion...so take it as that. You know it will be hard for them, it doesn't matter when you tell them...it will be hard. But what will be difficult for them - if you wait - is knowing that for a fair amount of time, you knew you were doing this and didn't include them in the process. That could hurt them more than you think. My family was very supportive, but my hubby's family initially did not believe we would actually do it...and we ensured that we kept them up to date with every step of the process - the English tests, the skills assessments etc. So they never felt out of the loop and that they never felt excluded. I think if we had told them later in the process they would have felt so hurt that we never mentioned anything before.

In your case...I would be very wary about having your side of the family know and your hubby's side not know...that could come back to bite you later on if they ever found out.

Again...like I said...my opinion. You know the family better...so how you deal with this is entirely your decision. Just wanted to show you a different perspective.

Also...telling them now would give them more time to process it before you actually leave.

All the best! If you have any questions or just wanna vent we are all here :)

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Just a quick update on where we're at:

Unfortunately hubby didn't get the required minimum score on the PTE Test again, due to the speaking component (he stutters). These tests are so nerve-wracking, especially talking and being marked by a computer. We have now signed him up to do the IELTS test in PTA at the end of September. It may be better for him to speak to a human, and I believe that they cannot mark you down for stuttering- although, understandably, they do have to score you according to your ability to communicate with Australians. He has also started speech therapy with a top specialist, and we are hoping that this is a step in the right direction- not just for immigration, but for his well-being in general. It is a long process, with no overnight miracles, but I think it is a positive move.

We are proceeding full speed ahead with applying to have his skills assessed in the meantime- at least the results are valid for 3 years. This is quite a drawn out process, and many of his older companies no longer exist, and who keeps payslips and contracts from 10 years ago anyways?? If they do not accept that he has an excess of 10 years experience due to lack of secondary documentation (he has written references from all, but not all the contracts, Payslips and IRP5's etc) then we may have to only claim 5 years experience, and change our strategy slightly. If it means we have to apply for a 190 or a 489 instead of a 189 then so be it. Just gotta keep the end goal in mind. At least we are in the fortunate position of having a plan B, C, D and E- so many people dream of coming over, but have very little chance of succeeding

We have decided to sell our house so that we can fund the applications, and also cut down our expenses. Seems like a bold move, but we've only lived there for a year (no major attachment), and we need access to the capital. Also doesn't seem logical to spend a fortune on a bond, when we could be renting a cheaper, smaller place for the next 6 months to a year. If we submit the skills application, it'll be R28K for the test as well as the next fees due to the migration agent (close to R17K)- oh and lets not forget the flights to CPT for the trade assessment. Who has that kind of cash lying about... small change right?

We have also started telling the in-laws about our immigration plans. A lot of tears and heartbreak, but I think it is the right decision to tell them now- its not nice keeping this a secret, and they should also be allowed to spend as much time coming to terms with it as they need. I think that they also realise that when we set our minds on something, we do it; so they know we aren't kidding around

Thanks for all the advice and motivation from all the members of this forum- amazing how a whole day can fly by just reading all the posts by people in similar situations. So glad I found this site! :ilikeit:

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You are not alone in your reasons for wanting to move. We also have children who were our main motivation. We all want the best for the children and have to give them the best opportunities in order to have this. Have you been looking at specific areas yet or is it still early days?

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