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Financial Planner Positions


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Hello All,

My hubby and I are thinking about immigrating.

My hubby is a Financial Planner with a bank here in SA. He requires any advise regarding financial planner positions in Australia. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Please can anyone point us in the right direction regarding info for these positions.

Thanks All!

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Hi August

There are a few bits to this first,

Do you have a visa to work in Australia?

If you don't yet have a visa are you on the skills shortage list? (Required to get a visa of most types)

If you have no idea where to start, give this a read, it is a good starting place :P

Then feel free to come with questions :D


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Good Advice Nev -

You will need to also do a conversion course ( CFP) here as the tax and planning structures are all different to South Africa. Email : Mary Tusa <mary.tusa@fpa.asn.au>

She will be able to give your husband more information with regards the costs of the modules needed - around $1500 a level. and also the enrollment schedule etc.

Agreed - first step is points test - skill demand list and eligibility for VISA etc. Also what type of VISA and what state would you be looking at.

Hope this helps for now but please ask questions as everybody has a different situation.

Also the industry has gone under some significant changes with regard to commission structures. Fee for service are now the flavor of the month and base salaries are being rolled out all over the place for compliance. The days of building up big bonuses look to be a thing of the past. This may be helpful in deciding what your Australian landscape may look like coming over.

Good luck,

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Hi Nev and Gareth,

Thank you so much for your advise. I really do appreciate it!

We haven't applied for visas as yet. I thought I would join this site as we needed information my hubby's profession before we start the process.

You both have provided exactly the info we were looking for, so thank you again :)

Will post more questions when we need to.

Have a great day!

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Happy to help and good luck with the process, shout if you have any more questions, there are tons of people on the forums who are happy to help

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