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Just saying Hi!


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Hello Everyone. I am new here. The wifey,son and myself are looking forward to the journey to Aus!

Just a quick couple of questions, will appreciate if someone can shed some light for me:

1 Do we need an unabridgearriage certificate from DHA to lodge our EOI?

2 where can I find a current cost of living summary for Sydney.

3 Which recruiters can Inuse to gauge the market? I am an accountant...

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jaco

Welcome to our corner of the cyberworld!

1. Yes you will need an unabridged marriage certificate as well as unabridged birth certificates for all of you. Not sure if it is necessary for the EOI, but definitely for the VISA.

2. I suggest you try the search button at the top right of your screen and select to search the forum.

3. Recruiters are not so great in Australia, if you wish to check job availability then do so on http://www.seek.com.au/

Good luck with all your research :ilikeit:

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