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Target: Brisbane Code:163


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Joined recently as I've just started this immense Australian Ball rolling. We decided to move 'cos of the future and what little chance my (white) kids will have of (a) getting into Varsity and (;) getting a job in 20 years time. Not so much the crime, which (fortunately) hasn't affected us - although it has as we live in a gated cul-de-sac with electric fence, walls, security gates, locks, alarm system, Tracker and high insurance premiums...

So I've got an agent (in Brisbane) and am now waiting for passports and SADF clearance from govt. Then I can submit, and start the dreaded wait. Being 40 with a B.Comm and MBA I can't get in on skills as I haven't been in a big enough operation (only my own small business) to get enough points. On the 163 visa I need to buy into (or start) a business in Brisbane. Bit daunting as I don't know what business, but I've started to look for contacts. (Hint: Cue to help!!).

I don't feel I need to justify my move to friends and family, purely because I'm doing something I just want to do but am expecting some resistance from those left behind. From what I've read here it's not going to be easy, but the benefits far outweigh the hard slog. It must be a great place if people move there after just one visit.

Going to miss the Bushveld, the Wild Coast, the Kalahari. But not the litter, car 'guards', beggars (same people, just less fomalised), the abuse of power and the ineffective govt departments. Please pray the Home Affairs doesn't implode before I get my documents!

That's enough rambling,


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Hi Wodwic

Thanks for the reply, was almost thinking there was no mountain bikers out there.

The tracks here are awesome and there are lots of them, mostly in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Visa wise i was in the same position, but i got in on a 457 as a Development Manager !

The 457 restricts you to work with that company for 2 years and then they can sponsor you and family for permanent residence.

That way you would have time to feal the market ?

Maybe try and call bussiness in the same industry and get a sponsor, alot cheaper !

The best way is to come to Aussie on holiday, find a sponsor whilst travelling and then either head off to New Zealand on holiday whilst immigration is reviewing your case. The downfall is that it can take a while but atleist you can free your money up and have a great holiday.

Regards Eagle

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