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Servicing South African customers from Aus

die Mulders

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I have a bit of a predicament at the moment, and I'm trying to get the best solution to my problem. We will hopefully be migrating a bit later this year. I run my own IT Web Design and Development business, and have a number of existing customers in SA. I have already discussed the move with my customers, and everyone is keen to keep on doing business with me providing the service from Aus.

My predicament is now... how do I get the money in Aus? I have an existing CC here in SA, and will keep it running for the forseeable future. I will, however, still be drawing a salary from the business until the Australian leg of the business is fully established. I have the option of seeking permanent employment as well, but would prefer running my own business.

Is there anybody out there that did something similar to this, or that can give some guidance? "Sal biltong pos vir goeie advies!"

Kind regards,


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Hi there

Contact JohanK on the forum, he might be able to advise re salary from SA ;)

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Just a quick one - I'll be in touch via PM - have you thought of registering an Aussie business and billing your clients from there?


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