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A bit Overwhelmed


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Hey Guys

It's been a couple of months since I post anything or read anything on the Forms, the reason for that is me and my husband got a bit discourage with the hole immigration...! But the more we thing about it the more we just know we have to make a decision..!

With everything that is happening in south Africa, load shedding, rape, murder, crime and the list goes on...

I just want to know is immigrating to Australia still worth it , all the stress paper work... I know the lifestyle in Australia is expensive and that it won't be easy..

Me and husband want to give are little boy the best possible Future and we don't think South Africa is that country anymore...

We are a bit overwhelmed, any advice for us please

Warm Regards


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Firstly, don't leave RSA because of xenophobia, crime, etc.. What I mean is don't leave in fear. For the vast majority of migrants, Aussie is a wonderful place where they are really happy. So, look at Aussie as an opportunity not "I have no choice".

Secondly, moving country is hard. I have a mate who is moving to Hong Kong. He grew up in Aussie, so you can imagine that way harder than a South African leaving for Aussie. My mate is super positive, because it's his choice to go. Sure, he will have to sell his motorbike and lots of other toys; because apartments in Hong Kong are shoeboxes. But he is already talking about the culture, he is learning the language, etc..

So, start by making a list of all the things you want to do in Aussie. Here are some things you could put on your list (if you will live in Sydney).

* Go watch the Sydney Swans (the Sydney Aussie rules team) play Hawthorne at Olympic park.

* Go watch the an Ashes game (the cricket series).

* Take my kids to the park in the evening and talk to the other parents who are doing the same thing.

* Walk across the harbour bridge, then catch a ferry back.

* Go visit Chinatown or Chatswood and have the authentic Peaking duck.

* Go on an underground train!

The list is long..


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Ria, yes, it is a huge decision to make... your final answer should be... "We want to go, more than we want to stay!" Only then, you may have reached your happy place where you will stop 2nd guessing your every decision.

You need to get to the stage where you will jump through hoops, be prepared to give up everything, for the opportunity to get your visa for Australia, and most of all you BOTH have to feel this way.

My opinion is always that if you have children... they would definitely have a better future in Australia :ilikeit:

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I know the lifestyle in Australia is expensive and that it won't be easy..

The worst case scenario in Australia is still way better than the best case scenario (currently) in South Africa.

Ask yourself: what's the worst that could happen and could I live with that? (Ask this for both options: staying and going) That should give you some clarity.

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Hi Ria,

We completely understand how you must feel. It definitely takes a massive amount of commitment, money and time to realize this dream. You therefore need to be 100% committed before commencing with the process but being committed doesn't mean that you won't have doubts or be nervous and scared. We just try and stay focused on why we're doing this - for our kids and their future. I would recommend that you obtain as much information as possible before making your decision - see an agent and clearly understand the process, timing and cost implications. You might not have to use an agent but gather as much info and then make your decision.

This forum is also amazing!

Good luck!

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Morning Guys

Just want to thank you all for the advice, me and my husband appreciate it.

Warm Regards


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