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South african lawyer needs some advice


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My husband is a south African lawyer who is depserately looking for work in US,CANADA or AUSTRALIA. Due top affirmative action he has not had an easy time! We have young children who we are extremely concerned about.How does he find a sponsor or a job in Australia? WE NEED ADVISE!

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hi, for lawyers you'll probably first have to do conversion exams etc. Search this forumfor keywords such as 'solicitor' , lawyer, legal professionals ...

see this link


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Dear CherylStorm,

My husband was recently admitted :ilikeit: as a Solicitor (Lawyer) in Australia and he had to do the conversion exams before we could claim the 60 SOL point for our visa (Subclass 136) application.

Obviously it depends on your husband’s experience and his speciality. We know of a South African Lawyer who managed to secure employment (without doing the conversion exams ) at a leading law firm in Australia as a Trademark Specialist, because his skills / experience were sought after :( .

If one does normal commercial / corporate litigation, I very much doubt it that one would be able to find a sponsor without doing the conversion exams, but never say never… :)

For more information on the Canadian conversion exams, I suggest you contact Robert on www.sacanadag.org. He recently completed his exams and will leave for Canada soon.

Good luck.

Lovies, Pippa! X

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I have no idea whether it is still relevant, but 14 years ago when we were in the USA, my son (a lawyer) was told that the only state of the USA in which he would be able to practice with his SA law degree, was California. No idea why!

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