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Plumbing apprentice job


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HI guys.

Looking for some advice.

Doing my City and Guilds plumber training at the moment for the specific reason to move there in about two years.

I need to do some practical training for the reason to build up a portfolio of evidence and it will be very beneficial if i can get some time in the trade that side.

1) Can I do some of my practical training there ?

2) How do I go about it ?

3) Is there anyone that can maybe help me ?

i would really appreciate any and all help.

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There are many people that assist with " work experience" they do it for the TAFE students.

You best option is to contact some plumbers directly. You have not advised where you are planning on moving to.

Do you have a PR visa? If you are looking to do "work experience, you will still need to have the right to work in Australia.


Good luck


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I do not think that you will be able to cover the number of points you will need to apply for a 189 or 190 visa without some years of work experience. With regard to a 457 work visa, without the years of experience you would be highly unlikely to qualify for that either.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


You may want to spend some time on the Australian immigration website and read about what will be required.



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Mara is right. You need to be fully trained (which includes the practical hours) to get any sort of visa. 

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You also have to get reassessed here and upgrade your Plumbing qualifications to the Australian standard. Plumbing qualifications from outside Australia are not recognized here.

Look here


and here


and here


and here


and here


and here


This should point you in the right direction. There is a lot more info on the internet  so you can research and give yourself the best chance to get the right visa to get here. Good luck for the process. Persevere and you'll get there.

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