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24.03 Sydney St Ives Toastmaster South African Theme Evening


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Hello, I am from the St Ives Toastmasters club and am sharing an event for Tuesday 23. March.

St Ives, in the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney, has a large number of residents with South African heritage. In our toastmasters club we also have a very healthy South African representation among members and are running a unique South African theme evening to celebrate the South African culture.

What is toastmasters?
It is a community style club to help improve the speaking ability of members through a program and support of other members.

South African Evening in St Ives

The South African theme evening will see speakers from the club talk on various South African related topics, for example travel experiences aliong the Garden Route and a popular folk tale from writer Rudyard Kipling. In addition we will have a light supper with a culinary specialities from Stanly St Butcher.

I would like to extend an invitation to join us as a guest, there is no cost to attend, but please do get in touch first to register, you can . It will be an enjoyable evening and we invite guests to join us and to take a peek at the local Toastmasters club.

Start time is 7:15pm

Location: St Ives Libary Meeting Room (St Ives Shopping Centre - near woolworths entrance)

More details / Info: http://stives.toastmastersclubs.org
RSVP: christopher @ signale.com


Christopher Jones


Note: The St Ives Toastmasters club is a 'not for profit' entity. There is a club membership (very modest) and the purpose of the event is to celebrate our cultural diversity and provide an opportunity for the community to become aware. We have a relaxed atmosphere and welcome community interest.

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