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Cairns, QLD


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Guest colton


Really nice pics, good looking photographer too. :ilikeit:

One thing I noticed and that I am sure everyone back in RSA will notice too, is that "Australia" seems deserted. Back in RSA we are so used to beggars at every traffic light, vendors on every pavement and people hanging out of cars or piling out of "bakkies" never mind jay-walkers running across the roads and endless people that seem to be forever walking along the road trying to sell you things that not to have it seems quite strange. Once again it is because all of the above is actually illegal and the only difference is that here in Australia people obey the laws.

Hope I didn't hijack your thread? :ilikeit: We are coming up to do some scuba diving up in Cairns next month, good time of the year not so hot. I will keep my eyes open for the lady with the camera. :ilikeit:

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Thanks colton.

Well we are having some hot weather now, which is a bit unusual as it is suppose to cool off. Sure it will be fine by the time you guys are here.

Drop me a PM and we can meet up or so, if you'd like.



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Hi Dedrei

great pics :blink: Stunning!

die paaie lyk so glad daar. no potholes on any of the pictures?

Die lug lyk so ongelooflik blou en helder. Ek hou van die klein dorpie gevoel. En die palms. Lekker vakansie atmosfeer!

Het iemand Brisbane fotos?????


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To Deidre

I was browsing through some of the topics and came across the photos you sent in May of Cairns. Thanks for those! I have been doing a lot of research lately of Cairns looking for photos on the internet to get an idea of what we can expect when we land on the 18 Jan 2008. Yours has been far better than any other I came across. I will keep an eye on this forum once we are there to see if there are any SA gatherings in Cairns and area to meet up with people from home.

To all.

Although we are immigrating from the UK (been here 10 years) and are used to being far away from our family, the friends you make in another country become your family. It is them you depend on in times of crisis and happy times (like the birth of our son 7 months ago - it was them who saw through the pregnancy and birth while waiting for the 'real' family to arrive). It is so sad for us to leave (again) our 'family', but the prospect of making new friends are very exciting. To all those who dread leaving behind family, you will soon make friends that fulfill that gap. All the years in SA where I had many good friends, it was only here that I came to experience the bond one can have in friendships. So for us, it is not only moving to a country where we can, again, have all the advantages of being in a place where you take the weather and space for granted, but also the prospect of gaining more friends which will eventually fulfill the gap of our UK 'family' we say goodbuy to coming Saturday.

We are blessed in such that we are spending December and January with our families in SA and then fly out to Cairns. For all those deciding, waiting or planning for there new lives in Aus, all the best and may the Lord bless you, guide you, and protect you where ever you are.


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