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Sunbury - Sunday Church Services


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As many of you know, I live in Sunbury, northwest of Melbourne.

About four years ago, I started attending the Sunbury Baptist Church. I have found a wonderful home here. For those that prefer a quieter church life (music is not overpowering) yet a thriving ministry, then this may well be a church for you. They are very welcoming, service on Sunday at 10am.

For the stay at home mothers, the church also runs a playgroup, which will give you the opportunity to meet with other mums. There are quite a number of South African families that attend, both church and the playgroup.

Here is a link, for those that may be interested: http://www.sunburyba...sbcfw/index.php

I usually attend the service, so if you want to meet me, just ask around, I am sure someone will point you in the right direction. There is a time for socialising after each service, which is a wonderful way of meeting people. Also, as the church is not huge, it is easier to get to know the other members and to develop lasting friendships.

The church is also very intent on finding ways to assist new immigrants, to assist them in finding their feet and making them welcome, in their new country.

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You forgot to mention it's other name......South African Baptist church. So many Saffas there!!! I'm still amazed how many South Africans actually live in Sunbury - you should be made mayor here!

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Hehe, thanks Miran, but I think I woukd rather remain a private!

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