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Anyone travelling from Benoni (Crystal Park) to Australia (Sydney)?


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Hi all, my dad has some old family photo slides which I'm trying to get to Australia. He says it is a shoe box full and another small box (I could ask him to send me a photo). Anyone from the Benoni area willing to pick them up (or my dad could drop them off) and bring them over to Australia for me? Doesn't matter where in Australia as I'll pay for postage or a courier to get it to me from wherever in Australia you are.

We used DHL before to bring a family heirloom over and it was an absolute nightmare! My dad is old so we arranged everything from this end - the paperwork included - and it was a total mess, leaving my dad anxious and freaked out that end. DHL does not operate in South Africa - they use an outsourced South African company, and needless to say, that's where everything went wrong! They were so bloody useless, I'm surprised they're even in business! Took weeks to get here!! About a week after the parcel was eventually collected, someone from the company called my dad wanting to arrange the pickup! They were not even aware that it was already collected, so my dad freaked out again, thinking the person who picked it up the week before was not from the company and stole it! Definitely won't do that again.

Anyway, if anyone is willing to bring the slides over for me, please let me know. Your kindness will be rewarded! Thank you!

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Hey Riekie, sent you a PM.

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Thanks! I found someone :ilikeit:

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