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South Africa


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Hi guys.

I posted in this forum because I know this is not relevant for everyone.

I was reading another sad news report about South Africa. I know all of us left friends and family whom we love behind and we worry about them. I know that I am powerless to change their future in any way.

However, as a Christian, I know that God is not powerless. For things to change in South Africa, men and woman across all races would have to stand up for what is right and pray that God will remove corrupt leadership and put new, honourable leaders in place. It will not be supernatural- God will work through people, neither will it be all of man - God needs to empower and change people's hearts.

So please pray with me today for South Africa and for her people. Let's not become weary of praying or faithless as if God does not hear us. Encourage your family at home to do the same.

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Good Morning

This is the first time I'm posting here on this forum. We are currently still in SA, we lodged 190 PR Visa last month and going for medicals soon. I was feeling low in terms of my family and leaving them behind and I was in prayer about it and I was wondering but how am I able to even able to be intimately involved in my families lives if I am so very far away when the time comes and we make this big move. It immediately came to me that I must continue to pray for them as God is omnipresent and He is in control. Surely if we are praying for our loved ones continually to our mighty God, we are very much involved in their lives. may God be glorified as we pray, He is all powerful!

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All we can do for our family ultimately regardless of where we live is pray for them.

He holds us all and He is in control. :)

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