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New Recipe Teaser - Apricot infused Fish en Papillote with toasted pinenuts, white wine infused chantrelles &


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Yes I am on leave, hence i have some time on my hands to post! :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit:

This is a total winner and will unlock the most jaded kids jaw.

Surferman's Superb Fish Suprise


250-300g snapper, cod or similar firm white fish fillet x the number of people you need to feed, have the fishmonger pinbone for you, leave skin on.

White wine - decent enough to drink = decent enough to cook with!

Dill - finely chopped

1/2 cup fennel sliced finely

Salt n pepper


300g dried Chantrelle muschrooms

3-4 Apricots, destoned


Pour wine over the mushrooms to soak so long.

Heat oven to 180C so long. Place a nice big sheet of baking paper on your work surface.

Using a mandolin (or if you have good knife skills, I practiced and can cut like the chefs at light speed :whome: ) slice the apricot cheeks and the fennel. It is important they are about the same thickness.

Toast the pinenuts until nice and golden with a good aroma. Set aside.

Slash the skin side of the fish and season to taste with the dill etc.

Place apricot slices and fennel on bottom of paper. Place fish on top. Sprinkle with pinenuts and mushrooms. Just a SPLASH of the wine. Seal package.

Cook until just done, or cuisson in the frensch word.

Serve with a fresh salad, and watch the faces when the aroma hits the people as they open the packets up! Chantrelles have a natural apricot scent so the fresh apricots boost this and turn this into an amazing dish.

Enjoy, Surferman.

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