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New Recipe Teaser - Surferman's Beach Boerewors


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Hi guys,

Here is my homemade boerewors. Hope you enjoy it.


Proper sheep/pork casing, if you use that abominable collagen crap it will burst when cooking and I won't talk to you. :boxing::blush-anim-cl::jester:

5-7kg silverside or rump, whole.

3-4kg pork loin, rind on

Various spices to taste:



Pimento or smoked paprika


Fresh crushed ginger

Fresh crushed garlic

Salt n pepper

Optional - chilli flakes and 1 cup diced dried fruit and 2 cups red wine.


Please use ultra sharp blades. Blunt knives are deadly!

Slice off any excess sinews from the beef. Slice into steaks and then cube those. the cubes should be about 3-5cm. If they are too big it plays havoc with the grinder. Set aside in large bowl.

With the pork, using a razor sharp knife, remove the rind and keep the fat on the meat. Cube as per above. Spray rind with coconut oil spray or rub oil, sprinkle Himalayan Pink Salt on top and under, place in oven on 180C. This is a snack!

Spice your meat and grind beef then pork. Mix them up. Now spice it. Always spice on the LOW side, meaning be frugal, you can always add but never remove! Mix meat by hand until well blended. Take a small pattie (squash ball size) and fry to get a sense of the seasoning, Adjust until you are happy.

Right, wash your casing and put it over the tube. I use a dedicated sausage stuffer http://images.zesco.com/pimages/322/322-d-029-1-400.jpg so that I dont overgrind the meat putting it through the mincer again, even though the blade and plate is removed I find that it powderises the meat a bit.

I like a very thick sausage but yu can vary to taste. My kids love this! Don't forget the rind!!!!!

For an Italian/spanish version, add 2 cups of sundried tomato and sage with rosemary.

For a cheese wors, add 500g cubed Colonial Cheddar Cheese to the mix.

Enjoy, Surferman

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