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Eyebrow I do believe there in a book here ? It would be wonderful for you to write one....it would represent a road that all of us have travelled in some way. I am in awe of your persistence and determination. All the very best to you and your family in The Land of Oz. 🤗👏🥂

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Take a bow dear @Eyebrow  You are a living testimony to the adage “where there is a will there is a way”. Huge congrats to you all. :king:

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Congrats Eyebrow.  You made it, all the way to citizenship.  So happy for you.  Such a relief.  I remember sitting with you in Melbourne before you made the move and thinking of your journey and how hard it would be.  But just like those of us who have battled and may be a bit battle scarred, you have made it.  Onwards and upwards from here.  You will see.  Every year it gets better and easier.  


You are a testament to the human spirit and never giving up.


Ps - haven't been on the forum for a few years, but had to find your thread when I popped in for a visit.


Pps - hope your husband makes it into to cops now, if that is what he still wants to do.

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What a wild ride this year has been!


Luckily we were relatively spared here in Queensland. Living an almost normal life, except we can’t travel outside the borders.


But if we have to be trapped? So glad that it is here and not anywhere else! Feels really safe here.


I now have lots of toilet paper and tinned tomatoes. 😜


My mother tested positive for Covid in RSA a few months ago now. She survived. The gentleman who rents the granny flat on their property didn’t... They found him dead one morning shortly after his positive test. 


Also voted for the first time... After years of letting all that wash over me, suddenly I had to try and listen to policies of the different candidates. But who knows...


I went out with a group of South African ladies the other day. Still flushed with our citizen achievement. And one remarked about “how lucky are you to have citizenship. We are only on a temporary visa.” And she launched into a tale of job loss and horrible employers and getting too old. She got herself so upset that she had to move away from me, because my happiness was upsetting her. I tried to reassure her with hang-in-there’s and one-step-at-a-time’s. I tried to say it hadn’t been easy for us either. But she was stressed and worried and rolled her eyes. And with an “easy for you to say, you made it” she walked away.  The interaction left my infinitely sad. We DID make it. But it really was a profound struggle, so I can relate. But now that we have made it, to realise that there are a large number who never will...

I feel like I have the immigrants equivalent of survivors guilt. Is there such a thing? Anyone with a psychology background? 🥺


Hope you are all well and stay that way.


Cheers for now.

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@EyebrowGood to hear from you! Very quiet on the forum, unless you want to bring your parents in. Yes, COVID was quite an eye opener in how quickly a person's situation can change. Glad to hear you are all ok! Good on you for exercising your rights as a citizenship. Not a nice experience with the unhappy lady. Obviously no psychology background but perhaps just streetwise - put yourself in her shoes way back when your circumstances were similar. What pulled you through? How did you react around others etc? What did you wish others should have said to you? There is one big difference: having a job with a crappy boss and having no job because of a crappy boss. Unfortunately the lady spoilt her changes to work with the best person you could have helped her - you!


Someone mentioned you writing a book. Not so far fetched (self publishing is easy). How many people will/can you reach and help by doing that? How will you know that others might be interested to listen? How will you reach your audience? What problems do they have? While you cant give them a job, you can give them encouragement and motivation (which I'm sure they will be willing to pay for). However, its how you are going about it - shoot me an private message if you need a few pointers.

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