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Can any Canberrans help me RE: Employment


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HI all,

You may have read my other posts, at last after almost a year with some obstcales e.g. negative outcome and all the lists closing the two options I had for my occupation. I was able to re-assess my occupation and now finally have IELTS and VETASSESS.

I am in a similar position as Trevor, see post below - There is however an opportunity in ACT, that if I can get a letter of intent/job-offer, I can after 01 July apply for 190 state sponsorship, even if the occupation is closed. Luckily ACT is also I first choice after we did our research considering the balanced lifestyle, universities and my career and experience.

Although my position is assessed as Contract Administrator I am actually an in-house counsel at a research and development organisation specialising in in commercial and contract management. My skills however allow me to work in various industries. e.g. telecom, construction, engineering, manufacturing, consultancy etc.....

I now need some help form the forumites on leads in your networks or ex-saffas in ACT.

PLEASE can you Canberran's stick out your fellers for me and HELP!!

If I need to wait for the occupation to open up again on one of the list, I might loose some points for age and then I would need to redo IELTS and get 8's, not impossible considering my IELTS points but definitely not in the mood.

Huge thanks

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