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He who wears the "Crown"


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I'm sure many of you went through the same thoughts before you moved, "Is this the right thing?". We've been praying into it from day 1, in fact finding a Church was at the top of our list, which we did, Vine Church in Surry Hills, Sydney. We introduced our selves to the Pastor who has been super helpful in letting us know about the suburb, schools etc.

Thus far God has answered so many prayers, our VISA's were granted in just over two months from application, my wife was offered a job and starts Dec 1st and add to that that her company has offered to pick-up our relocation costs!

Today we received two e-mails, one from my sister-in-law who went to look at one of the prospective schools called Crown Street Public School, she loved it, she has VERY high standards having 2 kids of her own who go to two of the top private schools in Sydney, so we value her opinion highly!

The other e-mail was from Crown Relocation services who shared they were awarded the tender to move our belongings by my wife's company.

We've been truly blessed in our journey so far and just can't help but smile at these two 'Crowns' incidents, almost as if the Lord is saying, trust me, The King, I'm with you.

Thanks and Glory be to Christ Jesus.



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Hey AFreshStart,

That sounds like things are going really well for you.

A good church will be super helpful. The unfortunate reality is most people in Sydney think the church is old fashioned and not very relevant any more. So, many churches face an uphill battle each week.

So, make sure you pay it forward. Support a church financially and volunteer your time. Churches are always looking for someone who is dependable and will pitch in and help with whatever they need; even if you aren't very good at it.

I also see you are spoiled for choice in Surrey Hills... there is also a nice C3 church there. http://www.c3centralcity.org/


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You are truly blessed!

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