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Luke and Robs

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I have been meaning to post in the foyer for a while as I've found this forum to be incredibly informative and supportive. Our story is a bit of a long and involved one but to cut a long story short, we started applying for or PR Visa in 2008. It was finally granted in January 2010. We were all ready to go, sold our house and everything but in all the excitement of emigration, I fell pregnant with our little surprise (we were clearly very excited)! We decided to put our move on hold until she would be old enough to go into kindergarten and we only needed to be in by January 2015.

4 years is a long time and we got used to life in SA again. We had (sort of) decided that we weren't going to take up our emigration as we had been given another opportunity in our family business etc etc etc. Things have now taken an abrupt turn and we have decided that we want to go! What's the use of having a mind if you can't change it! We have now got an offer on our house (again), received approval for our little one's child visa, applied for passports (ours expired), done police clearance (again!) and we are now hoping to be in Perth by the end of July (all things being equal). We activated our visas in 2010 and stayed in Duncraig. 10 days is not nearly enough time to get to know a city!

We have two teenage boys (16 and 13) who will fly over mid-August when our container arrives. Luke, 'Tink' (3) and I will be nomadic until then and probably just camp out in our new rental until the furniture arrives. We are going to be flying in on one wing and no landing wheels financially as we aren't coming over with much cash. We are hoping to find work very quickly (haha, yes I've read about the work crisis). We are looking at setting in Duncraig, Greenwood, Woodvale and Kingsley areas as we're keen on Duncraig Senior High School, Greenwood College and Woodvale Secondary. All these schools look pretty awesome and the areas look lovely, although the rentals are quite steep. The kindys in this area also look really nice. Feel free to disagree if you've had any bad experiences. Has anyone heard anything about Padbury? The property seems to be a bit cheaper and it is still in the Duncraig catchment area.

It has been a hugely stressful time for us with all this happening so quickly. We have been frenetically charging around getting things in order, hanging out at Home Affairs and doing research like there is no tomorrow. Gone are the days of kicking back on the couch and watching movies without being glued to the phone on the saaustralia, realestate.com.au, centrelink, medicare, immi websites.....you name it, I've read it! I'm a bit OCD, in case you haven't noticed.

This morning I woke up and felt really excited for the first time. I'm not sure what has altered my state of mind or whether one of my other personalities have kicked in but I can't wait to just get there now! I've given notice at work so now it is FULL STEAM AHEAD. I'm going to need to hire some friends to start with as we know very few people and have no family in Perth. I pay well and promise to provide good company and wine on request. I also make delicious tea and coffee, if that is your preference, and can down tequila like a true Mexican if that is your thing. I'll fit in with you. My hubby is a keen golfer, photographer, braaier, rugby watcher and socialite but when it comes to forums, he's a bit useless, so you are stuck with me until we get there! He needs some mates too so feel free to apply!

Looking forward to meeting you all.


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My hubby is also going across in July/August, so he'll also need some friends to keep him amused, else I seriously doubt he'll venture out over the weekends! Will also be in Perth. We also have no family over there and know a handful of people - sounds very sad! :cry:

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When are you coming over, Maximom? We'll definitely coax your hubby to join us in our loneliness. :-)

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All the best Robs! Think of you often and hoping you have a soft landing and things fall into place.

My one cousin who lives SOR said you don't pay that much in school fees, but you pay loads to live in the catchment areas of the good schools, so in effect, you are still paying for the great schools, just indirectly ;) Not sure if that helps or not, but I found it interesting

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You should have picked Brisbane, Im yet to find a fellow tequila drinker, its all beer or cocktails (not by the same group :) )

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