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Train from Sydney to Canberra


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Hi all

Our flights are booked! Arrive in Sydney on 5 June. We will then take the train from Sydney to Canberra. Does anyone know how we can book the train? Or where we can find out more information about what times, exactly from where to where the trains are etc?

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This is great - I think we will do the same. Great experience for the kids.

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mmmm .... not sure about catching the train atleast not at this stage of your adventure.... I would suggest the bus. Murrays bus leaves from the airport and is very well priced.

Murrays arrives in the middle of Canberra at the Novatel Hotel. http://www.murrays.com.au/ExpressTimetable.aspx?RouteCode=1

There will be no direct train from the airport to Canberra and arrives in Kingston.

Just my thoughts ....

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I agree with IaminACT. You might be better off taking the Murrays Coaches - it is a 3 hour direct trip whereas the train is a 4 hour trip and you have to go via Central station. Also, just did a quick check on train times and the following alert came up on the NSW TrainLink website for the date of your arrival :

"Due to track maintenance being carried out by Sydney Trains between Turella,Liverpool and Campbelltown, this service is replaced by a road coach service for the entire journey. For wheelchair bookings please contact 132232"

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I think we have officially decided on the bus. Hubby is very sad, he was really looking forward to the train trip, but I told him we have the rest our lives to do it. I am just very concerned about getting stuck at customs and missing the bus. Must we book the tickets before hand?

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customs should not take you too long. Maybe book on 1h30m after your flight arrives .... just a thought..

With regards to the buss

Passengers travelling to & from the Sydney International Airport should ensure
that they have allowed time for traffic and flight delays. Whilst every effort is
made to maintain the timetabled service, no responsibility will be taken for
inconvenience due to delayed service for any additional cost or expense that
may be incurred by you as a result of scheduling changes,
Bookings are essential for Sydney International Airport pick up and drop offs
as Murrays will only stop to pick up and drop off passengers where a booking
has been made. We recommend passengers be at scheduled stop and check in
luggage with driver 10 minutes prior to departure.
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I don't know anything about the trip between Sydney & Canberra but I would leave a good long time (like an afternoon) for customs, myself.

Delays can happen anywhere. Sometimes you sit in Jhb on the tarmac for an hour before they take off. Sometimes you circle Sydney for half an hour due to bad weather. Sometimes you just need some time to get all your bags and brush your hair, and calm down.

Me, I'd allow minimum 3 hours and be nice and relaxed. ?

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