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Pleasantly Suprised by LSD experience


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Hi all

Thought I would introduce myself to the members of the forum and to just touch on a few of our experiences from the LSD trip. It unfortunately won't be as good as some of the others I have read but it's for those people who are in two minds as to whether aus is for them and have the opportunity of going to see it.

I must start out by saying that I was a skeptic. I was skeptical of australia based on absolutely no concrete evidence or facts. I just had an opinion of what it would be like. My husband and I knew that we needed to make a move and he wanted to go to Aus and I wanted to go to the US.

After lots of research the US seemed incredibly difficult to get into from a professional perspective and Aus seemed to be so welcoming, various people, companies and boards answered our questions and invited even more questions. Still skeptical I said we could go on holiday to assess what it would be like. I am so glad that we did!

From the outset we found the people on our flight were so warm and friendly even when my toddler had cried his eyes out (teething). We landed in Sydney to get a connecting flight to Brisbane. Chatting to the people at Sydney domestic airport we quickly found that they were as friendly on the ground as they had been in the air.

Brisbane was on its best behavior. The weather was incredible and aside from a bought of flies as a result of recent rains it was amazing. The beauty of Brisbane is that it's a big City but you can spend time on the beach (we did Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast) and in the mountains. We spent time exploring the suburbs and gaining a feel of the City. Regrettably Brissy is not for us but we will definitely return for visits.

Next up was Melbourne. The weather wasn't great and yes it is not as warm as Brisbane (and plenty of people in Brisbane will tell you it is freezing in Melbourne but it's not freezing). I had to buy the babe some new winter clothes but we came back to autum here so that's okay. What Melbourne losses in weather it makes up in most other things. The City feels European and the place just reeks of culture. I loved Mrlbourne and I got the feeling I could live there.

Last on the East coast was Sydney. I was unsure whether I would like Sydney as so many people seem to hype it up but wow. The weather wasn't great but even then you can be outdoors. The parks, the beaches, the coast line is just amazing. I fell in love with Sydney on day 3 as we walked along Balmoral beach and for me, that was the moment I realized I wanted to bring up my little boy in aus.

From a professional perspective there are plenty of jobs for my husband and I in Sydney although it may take time to find the right one.

The last week of the LSD was spent on the West Coast to come to terms with what we had seen and what we wanted to do. From a holiday point of view we went down to a little down called duns borough which allowed us to see the beaches and still spend time in the Margaret river region. We then also spent some time in Fremantle outside Perth which was lovely but by that stage we were ready to come home to start working on our application.

At the time that I write this my husband's skills assessment had been approved, our EOI has come back positive and he is completing the next form.

I am nervous of leaving behind our comfortable life, with a house we own and a maid to help me with everything and most importantly our parents but I know now what lies ahead is going to be so good and be the start of a great life for my son.

To those of you reading this who can afford to go see it, go it will only make it more real and allow you to process it and see whether it is for you.

For those who can't afford the LSD, it will be just great when you arrive. I didn't experience any animosity from Aussies (and I was looking) and there are so many people ready to welcome you and share their experiences with you.

To those of you who 'just do t know' good luck deciding but do idecide before it's too late.

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Thank you, PleasantlySurprised, for this nice read. We won't be able to go, so posts such as yours gives us more and more to look forward too. With four little ones, we want to go only once and settle. Nice to see that your papertrail is trodden already, may the road be short and happy !!

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Thanks Alida. Best of luck to you and your family. If you are confident in your decision and you're ready for the occasional uphil (not knowing where to get the right nappies or a touch of homesickness) I have every confidence that it will be great.

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Shannonc4 and I have been in Sydney for the last 13 days and we are absolutely loving it. We came over with out doing an LSD and we wouldn't change anything about how we did our application.

Sydney (we were told by a 3rd generation Australian bank teller) is possibly the most un-ozzie place in Australia. We have encountered more foreigners than locals here and we have not met one person who has bad mouthed South Africa or been offish towards us, they are usually more excited about hearing what happens in South Africa.

All the best and we hope to see you sometime in the future.

Any new arrivals in Sydney please PM either Shannonc4 or me so we can meet up

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