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For Sale: 50l tropical fish tank (established)


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I'm needing to rehome my 50l fishtank, I love it dearly and will be sad to let it go but need to at this current time.

50l tropical tank

Substrate (fine pebbles - natural colour)

Canister filter


Over-tank light


Driftwood (mopani) x 6 - 1 with anubias attached

Java moss


2 kuhli loaches (java and brown - they aren't the same)

Male & female congo tetra

2 glowlights

4 cardinal tetras

6 black neons

The tank setup is 3yrs old. The fish are healthy - approx 3yrs old so they're pretty hardy. The tank has no leaks. Included in the setup is the other equipment I have - pH test kit, siphon-tube, variety of food, etc.

I will give it a spring-clean and take pics asap. I'm in Brisbane western suburbs.

Asking $100.

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Hi there

Is this fish tank still for sale?


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