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Media Release: Future is Bright for Regional SA, Jobs Creation and Regional Jobseekers


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~Media Release gone out to the local radio stations and TV stations – 8th May, 2014~

Regional South Australia contributes $20 billion towards the State's economy, more than half a million jobs and 50% of State exports.

Skills for Jobs in Regions has been supporting skills and jobs growth in Yorke and Mid North for over ten years as a valued partnership between the State Government and Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North. RDAYMN equally looks forward to cementing the established close ties with Minister Gago and Minister Brock as they work in their respective portfolio areas.

“Growing our regions is critical to our State's future”, said Kelly-Anne Saffin, CEO of RDAYMN. “The ongoing funding commitment to Skills for Jobs in Regions will support regional economic and social infrastructure growth and demonstrates confidence in our regions.”

“A significant component of creating confidence is the partnership with industry to grow our skills to meet the burgeoning needs of employers across many sectors,” she added. South Australia contributes $4.6 billion through agriculture which also contributes 50% of exports in the state. Agriculture is the largest employing sector of South Australian manufacturing and employs 1 in 5 South Australians, this will only continue to grow as world demand for food is predicted to rise by 70 per cent by 2050.

Minister for Regional Development Geoff Brock MP said in this financial year $9.5million is being invested in

170 projects across the State. As the program partner Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid

North is administering a total of $0.93M delivering a total of 24 projects to 844 targeted participants. Projects currently open for enrolment include:

· Kitchen Capers in the Mid North;

· Careers in Viticulture in the Mid North;

· Retail Hospitality in the Yorke Region;

· Meat Industry in the Yorke Region;

· Aged Care in the Southern Flinders;

· Youth Specific Programs across the whole region;

· Tickets for specified training leading job outcomes across the whole region.

One of the flagship projects is our Career Services Program which aims to help people enhance their career opportunities by providing assistance with career planning, training options and job selection processes such as resumes, applications and interview techniques, usually at no cost to the individual.

Ms Saffin encourages anyone keen to access the Skills for Jobs in Regions Program to contact their local RAYMN office:

Mark Sheasby (Southern Flinders) based in Port Pirie 1300 742 414;

Cherie Beech (Yorke Peninsula) based in Kadina on (08) 8821 1072;

Midge Wallace (Mid North) based in Clare on (08) 8842 3115.

RDAYMN has a commitment and a responsibility to develop the region’s economic, social and cultural capital as well as ensuring regional sustainability and is funded by Commonwealth, State and Local Government partners.

Skills for Jobs in Regions is an initiative of the Government of South Australia and is developed in partnership with Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North.

Media Contact: Kelly-Anne Saffin, Chief Executive Officer

Phone 1300 742 414 or Email ceo@yorkeandmidnorth.com.au

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South Australia's not in great nick with the state debt being higher per capita than almost any other part of Australia.

That is relative to Australia, which is in pretty good shape to most other countries in the Western world.

The recent March state election left a hung parliament, whereby the two independent MPs allied neither with the previous Labor state government, nor the conservatives who actually won more votes but still just missed out on power, have the balance of power.

The two independent MPs, effectively, are the new "kingmakers" in the new South Australian state parliament.

One independent from the country regions of South Australia swung a deal with the Labor Party to keep them in power for another 4 year term, on condition that they make him Minister of Regional Affairs and chuck a bucket of money at the country regions of South Australia so that a number of new infrastructure projects will get underway soon and new state government initiatives will begin in the country regions.

If you like living in country towns and small cities, up to 10 000 in population, this may the election for the next four years that will bring jobs and improved services (schools and hospitals) to the big country towns dotted around South Australia.

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