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6 months to go! Our journey to Sydney


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So today marks 6 months till I arrive in Sydney, 2-3 weeks ahead of my wife and kids.

It feels like just yesterday that we started the process so I can only imagine how quickly these 6 months will fly by!

We've been well and truly blessed, our VISA's were granted and my wife has already secured permanent employment from December 1st, which is a breath of fresh air and weight off our shoulders. She'll be arriving with the kids the week of our 10yr wedding anniversary, what a way to see in this new chapter of life together!

We've since also learned that her company will be paying most of our relocation costs as well as a small settling in fund on that side, which was not expected, but very much welcomed.

We received a offer to purchase in a private sale of our home and are waiting to see if the purchaser gets bond approval, thankfully they are in no rush to move in and we've set transfer for when I leave and also have a buyer for my car, also on departure.

We've earmarked the suburb of Surry Hills, 20-minutes walk for my wife to the office each way, and while expensive, she didn't want lengthy commutes and made the choice that the time with us was more valuable, it also means we'll be closer to my brother, about a 15-minute drive.

My sister-in-law has been super helpful and will be visiting the prospective Primary schools to give us her feedback and they've also offered to help secure our rental closer to the time.

We've found a lovely little Church linked to ours here in CPT and am excited to meet new people, volunteer and get stuck in, particularly with the local community gardens.

We've started selling off some of our furniture and it feels great to be able to be taking some things that are familiar, but also making space for new items... my Ikea wishlist is long, VERY long...

Obviously the hardest part has been saying goodbye to some close friends and our families, I think in many ways we're all avoiding the issue, it will be hard on us all, but feel it's the right move for us and our family unit.

Well that's all for now, I'm largely just jotting this all down for myself, to come back to when I need inspiration or cheering up.



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It is lovely to read your journey over.... Good luck... We are leaving for Perth in Jan, we are preparing as you are.... Just hoping that we will get a private buyer soon too. Good luck, and I hope things continue to go smoothly for you.

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