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R2bn Zumaville project (including shopping centre) to go ahead, 3km from his Nkandla estate


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Lovely stuff.


R2bn project Zumaville to go ahead - report2014-05-04 08:58

(Giordano Stolley, Sapa)

Pietermaritzburg - President Jacob Zuma looks set to go ahead with a R2bn plan to develop South Africa’s first post-apartheid town - on his doorstep in Nkandla, it was reported on Sunday.

According to the Sunday Times, a meeting between Zuma and local leaders and businesspeople took place two weeks ago.

Zuma assured those present that plans to build the town in his Nxamalala village - officially known as the Umlalazi-Nkandla Smart Growth Centre - had not been scuppered and that they would be back on track within the next few months.

Uthungulu district municipality Mayor Thembeka Mchunu said private investors would be involved but she would not give names.

However, the building of the 200ha town, which is a mere 3.2km from Zuma’s Nkandla homestead, is being overseen by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.

In December last year, the Mail & Guardian reported that there were problems with the plan which was then quoted at R1bn.

The project will include a shopping centre within sight of Zuma’s homestead, the M&G reported.

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That way he won't have to leave his house to get food. They can deliver and the tax payers will pay for that as well. Gee I wish I was president of South Africa. I wouldn't want to leave either then.

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It looks like this fool is going to dig in for a long-haul dictatorship like mad Bob Mugabwe.

His actions should be extremely concerning for all South Africans.

If he stays for another 5 years then I think the game's up for democracy.

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Democracy was dead the day Nelson Mandela stepped down as the president of the ANC and Shower Head took over.

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What scares me is his combination of stupidity, greed and cunning. It's a dangerous cocktail we've seen before.

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Stupidity and greed yes, cunning no. I would say more the luck of the devil and an amazing press liason (who we did quite a bit of work for at my previous company) who has since resigned because she got sick of manufacturing stories.

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