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Emma and Gordons Trek Down Under


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I have been reading all these fantastic stories on this thread, and thought that I would start to write our own. Its always nice to read how other people have progressed in their immigration process and they have managed to settle down in Oz at last.

I must admit I have been rather negligent about the whole Visa Process, my husband who some might know (Sol1) is frequently on this site and so I feel its time for me to finally contribute. I read in someone other post about them being in a bubble in SA, and I guess thats how I have felt. Kind of immune to what is actually going around you, because if you dont think about it too much then it saves you from the worry, (And Im a champion at worrying) Youd think that being from England that I couldnt wait to leave South Africa, but I must say that I love this land. I feel it is such a shame that we have had to make this decision, but a decision we made and we will see it through.

Its been such a long process for us, my husband who is an attorney had to do conversion exams which meant alot of hardwork on his part and time and not to mention money. At last we have our Visa and in 2013 we activated it. I dont think that we would be here if it wasnt for his perseverance and commitment. We activated the visa in 2013 and we are now permanent residents of Australia. Although we are not actually in OZ at the moment , we will make the big move most likely around June/July next year. My husband gets a big pay out in February 2015 from his company so we dint want to forfeit that. So from Feb he will start applying for jobs and see what happens.

It is very daunting as we are willing to go without my husband having a job and we have a 2 year old, but at the end of the day we are doing this for our sons future, not just ours. I do worry all the time about money, work etc al the same things that people worry about on here. All I know is that we do have to leave, i cant see a future for my son here anymore, and as people all you want in life are the little things. Being able to take a walk outside or go to the beach without having to worry if you will be a victim of crime. We live a good lifestyle here in SA. But money isnt everything and aslong as we have each other im sure we will be fine.

Im really encouraged by everyones journals and I hope that someday soon I can add our own experience and in turn encourage others to make this step:-)

For all those that have already done it. Then well done:-) and thankyou for all your posts.

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Welcome to the forum! Hope it will be a place of support to you!

May I ask why you are not going back to England? Surely that would be easier?

Just curious... Not meant as a discouragement!

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Hello and thanks for your reply :-) always nice to meet new people on here.

Why not go back to the UK? Hmm well it is always an option and at one time we did consider it, my husband is also admitted as a solicitor in the UK so I guess if things went belly up in OZ its something we can think about. I guess for me personally the obvious answer would be the lifestyle that we can have in Australia, better weather and its more outdoors which is what we as a family enjoy. The advantage of Australia is that it is relatively safe and so these things can be enjoyed in a safer environment. I love the warmth on my skin instead of the freezing cold and rain:-)

We do also have family in Perth and Sydney altho some I have never even met, we do communicate through facebook, and we have friends in Perth also. We would like to settledown there as we have visited and loved the place. But I guess it all depends on where my husband finds work. We will go wherever we need too:-)

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