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A different question for the Christians


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Just a question.

I have been following this site for a while, and am totally agnostic.

I see people asking for recommendations for Christian schools and churches (which they are absolutely entitled to do).

Now, some of you *cough*SurferMan*cough* seem to think that it is advantageous, in fact necessary, that the school / church follow the KJV version of the Bible.

I mentioned that to our token Christian at work (basically the only Christian in our group) and asked about his take on the KJV. He wasn't that impressed, saying there were better, more accurate translations, which I can believe (I'm not talking about "Good News for Modern Man", which I thought was a paraphrasing of the KJV in more modern language (but what do I know)).


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Unfortunately, this kind of theological discussion is not permitted. See the rules at the top of the thread. While a seamingly harmful question, the discussion always turns south.

"Please Read Before Posting This Spiritual Life sub-forum is for the asking and receiving of spiritual support during the emigration process. All expressions of faiths are welcome. Feel free to ask for and receive prayers, words of encouragement, spiritual inspiration and so on.

The debating of religious and moral ideas, insightful topics, etc is strictly prohibited and all such topics will be removed immediately without explanation. As people believe in different faiths, a high level of tolerance and understanding is required. If you do not practice the same faith as the thread starter, please refrain from posting in the thread."
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